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Premium Wine Tasting pack - 12 x 2020 Franca's Premium South Australian Shiraz 

Premium South Australian Shiraz - Dark Fruits, spice, American Oak derived vanilla and coconut. Prominent full-bodied palate, firm tannins.

While Australia's Shiraz tradition is very proud and unique, its voice is primarily that of warm climates. These are quite distinct from those found in the northern Rhône, as well as those found in the more temperate parts of Australia.

Download Full Tasting Notes - Franca's Vineyard Premium Shiraz 2020


Franca's Vineyard Premium Shiraz 2020 | Wine Growing Region South Australia.






Intense upfront


  • Foods Prepared on a Grill or Barbecue

Sausages, kebabs and robust vegetables with a lovely sear from the grill, and smokey barbecued meats are the perfect pairing for Shiraz's warm climate. Franca's 2020 Shiraz is a big, juicy Australian Shiraz.

  • Australian Beef

Try a marbled steak or a thick beef stew with a cool climate Shiraz. The savoury ingredients of the meat will also help round out the tannins in the wine. To put it another way, wine complements the food and vice versa.

  • Australian Lamb

There is always a Shiraz to pair with them, whether gyros or chops, for lamb dishes. So Shiraz from Australia is always a safe bet, especially when paired with Australian lamb.


A normal budburst in September 2019 in Australian cool, dry conditions was the only thing that was predictable about this vintage. After a December and January of searing heat, regional fires and unpredictable winds, autumn arrived in early February. The critical late-summer/autumn ripening period was perfect for bringing out the best qualities from each of our vineyards.

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