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2020 Plums & Roses Carignan "5 Piece" - Tasting notes a lifted sour cherry and blackcurrant—French oak spice. A soft and delicious red you could drink all day.

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2020 Plums & Roses Carignan 5 Piece 2020

What is the Carignan Grape?

Carignan is a versatile grape that produces power, distinction, and character wines. In years past, it was used to produce some of the world's most powerful red wines, but in modern times most wine lovers will have never tasted it because winemakers do not widely plant carignan. Instead, it is only planted in the very best vineyards of France, where it forms the backbone of many prestigious red Bordeaux blends.

Nevertheless, Carignan is still widely grown in France today and accounts for a significant proportion of Bordeaux's high-quality production. Moreover, it has been suggested that some of the most important wines produced in California and Australia are made from Carignan. This is unfortunate because if wine lovers knew what they were drinking, they would be thrilled with the results. Some producers have even gone back to making this wine by itself after tasting it as part of a blend - they couldn't resist its charms!