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François Durif, a French botanist, established a nursery of numerous grape varieties at his residence in the commune of Tullins in the 1860s, where he most likely planted Peloursin and Syrah. Durif noticed a new grape variety blooming in his nursery after the two plants crossed and pollinated at some time. Victor Pulliat, an ampelographer, identified and called it Plant du Rif (later Durif) in 1868.

Syrah was identified as the source of the pollen that originally crossed with Peloursin flowers after DNA fingerprinting at the University of California, Davis in 1997. The grape's excellent resistance to downy mildew boosted its growth in locations like Isère and Ardèche in the early twentieth century.

Australia's Durif

Old Durif plantings were confirmed as recently as 1997 to be utilised to make popular wine in the Rutherglen, Victoria region of Australia. Durif is currently grown in other Australian wine regions, such as the Riverina and Riverland, with approximately 740 acres (3.0 km2) planted by 2000.

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