2020 Alejandro Premium Durif Pick & Mix

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Wine Tasting Packs - Pick & Mix 2020 Alejandro Super Premium Australian Durif

Rich dark fruits, American oak-derived vanilla, spice and coconut. Rich, brooding, moreish.

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QUICK NOTES Alejandro Durif 2020

Australian Durif Food Pairing

Durif wines tend to be full of flavour and tannin, therefore they need to be paired with food that can handle them. It's normally a good idea to serve rib eye, roast beef, stews, and mature cheeses like blue cheese and goat cheese with them.

Durif can be quite intense, and it's important to serve them at the right temperature. If you serve them too cold, the wine won't taste as good as it should. The same goes for serving them too warm; if you do that, the tannin will come out in a way that you don't want it to.

Durif wines are best served at a temperature between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius (60-68 degrees Fahrenheit).



Alex Russell


Durif 100%


October 2020


Riverland, South Australia

ALC %/VOL 15.50% v/v


6.1 g/l PH 3.6


Ten years OAK American

The fruit was destemmed and chilled to our presses with the juice separated for this wine. The juice was lightly clarified before a slow fermentation at cool temperatures, using a carefully selected yeast to optimise varietal expression. After a short period
on yeast lees, the wine was filtered and prepared for bottling.

Perfectly cooked rib eye or any big rich meaty dish.

The 2020 Vintage had hot and dry conditions, allowing the fruit to fully ripen, resulting in a full-flavoured wine, full bodied and full of colour.

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