2021 Alejandro Premium Prosecco Pick & Mix

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Wine Tasting Pack Pick & Mix | Alejandro Premium Australian Prosecco 

Features our Lightly but uniquely aromatic with notes of peach and honeysuckle. This Prosecco (proh-sehk-koh) is a dry, light wine with a dash of sugar to fill the palate.

Download Full Tasting Notes - Alejandro Premium Australian Prosecco 2021

2021 Alejandro Premium Australian Prosecco | Murray Darling Wine Growing Region


Pale green straw.


Neutral nose in general but a dash of green apple to gooseberry


This Prosecco (proh-sehk-koh) is a crunchy dry wine with limited residual sugar, balanced by a small addition of malic acid.


The grapes were harvested at night and gently cold-pressed immediately. The clean, pure juice was allowed to settle, then racked and fermented at cool temperatures to preserve its delicate aroma and flavour. The wine was then transferred to steel tanks to undergo a secondary fermentation (Charmat process) that generates the lovely natural fine bubbles Prosecco is noted for.

Alejandro Prosecco 2021 FOOD PAIRING

  • Prosecco and fish

First, any form of fish makes a wonderful complement to Prosecco. Flavours of fatty and salty seafood pair wonderfully with this wine's acidity and sweetness. Any type of fish, such as cod or sea bass, or even fish and chips, goes well with it. Prosecco, in my opinion, is the greatest wine to pair with sushi. You're going to adore the way wine and food go together, I promise you that much.

  • Prosecco and Poultry

No matter how you prepare your chicken, whether it's skinless or fried, Prosecco goes well with both. The wine’s acidity cut through the oiliness on your palate, while the fruity flavours of Prosecco combine beautifully with saltier poultry. Isn't that intriguing? Next time you bake chicken, prepare a Turkey sandwich or get chicken nuggets, don’t forget to buy a drink of Prosecco too.

  • Spicy Food with Prosecco

Spicy food pairs well with the sweetness and fizz of a dry Prosecco, especially Thai and Vietnamese fare. The remaining sugar in a dry Prosecco will mask your taste senses, preventing the heat from engulfing your entire mouth. You can't go wrong with it. Just make sure you pick a dry or extra dry Prosecco and let its modest sweetness chill down and elevate your spicy dinner.


Very Hot and Dry

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