2021 Franca's Premium Pinot Noir

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The nose of French oak, rose water and lychee and red fruits.

Download Full Tasting Notes - Franca's Vineyard Premium Pino Noir 2021

2021 Franca's Vineyard Premium Pinot Noir - Wine Growing Region Tasmania


Light red with some brick hues.


French oak, rose water and lychee and red fruits.


Light, yet round and filling with a lingering fruit and oak finish.


Standard red winemaking practices.


Duck, Pheasant or any “gamier” fowl
The gamier meats like a duck can overwhelm a lighter wine because of the stronger flavour and/or larger fat content than chicken. In particular, because duck has a higher fat content than most other poultry (although it is still relatively light in comparison to beef or lamb), and Pinot Noir's tannins complement the fat, it is an excellent choice to pair duck with Pinot Noir.

Mushrooms with a mild wine sauce
Mushrooms sautéed with red wine are a natural complement. The delicate flavour of the mushroom mixes wonderfully with Pinot Noir’s light red flavour.


Warm and dry, fruit picked right on 13 Baume on flavour.

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