Alex Russell's obsession with quality and sustainability is unwavering. Nowhere is that more evident than with the release of his newest label, Russell & Suitor. Endlessly zealous about quality and craft, 2019 has seen Alex has set his sights on the cooler climate of Pipers River, north of Launceston, Tasmania.






The Huntress | Inspired by a childhood spent foraging and hunting while paying respects to matriarchal ties to the land, CAZADORA represents our range of high end Tasmanian varietal wines produced from family estate-grown fruit in the Pipers River region North of Launceston.

Like a bull at a gate, Son of A Bull wines are ‘live in the moment’ wines. Lively, fresh and filled with energy, they are made to drink young - no cellaring required. Spontaneous and uninhibited, frisky and raring to go, Son of a Bull embrace the spirit of the young bull and all its unbridled wonder.


Our premium offering of alternate varietals, Alejandro wines are inspired by the sun-beaten soils of Southern Spain. The varieties grown for Alejandro such as Monastral, Tinto and Saperavi adapt exceptionally well to the climate of the Murray Darling which mirrors that of their ancestral homes. Dark and fruit-driven, Alejandro wines are the perfect companions for all things tapas.