About Us Russell & Suitor

Who is Alex Russell?

In 1980’s Melbourne, Alex Russell’s journey into the world of fermentation was starting with humble beginnings; at the counter of a local store sat a Cooper’s homebrew kit and it seemed fate had a plan. With the goal of making a beer for his dad, Alex’s homebrewing repertoire soon included ginger beer, elderberry wine, cider, mead and wine made from grape juice concentrate. By the age of thirteen, Alex was already on the path to a promising future in winemaking.

A childhood spent growing fruit and vegetables, hunting for game and yabbie fishing after school instilled in Alex a deep respect for the land and all its bounty. This passion for agriculture alongside his budding fermentation hobby laid an obvious road to the pursuit of a career in winemaking.

"Alex Russell’s journey into the world of fermentation was starting with humble beginnings."

Alex Russell's Winemaking History

After studying Viticulture at La Trobe University and Wine Science at Charles Sturt respectively, Alex began working for household names such as Zilzie and Angove. He was then introduced to the Riverland Vine Improvement Committee (RVIC), a nursery specialising in the importation and propagation of new and alternate grape varietals from around the world. While working with the RVIC, Alex was exposed to everything from Albarino to Zinfandel, and quickly became their experimental winemaker and began producing wines for the Cerami Estate label in 2008.

Launch of Alex Russell Wines First Label - Alejandro

After a trip to Spain to meet with a winemaking colleague from his Zilzie days, Alex decided to branch out on his own and in 2014 Alex and wife Lara launched their first label ‘Alejandro.’ Alex’s time abroad inspired him to explore the potential of locally grown alternative grape varieties that respond exceedingly well to the South Australian climate with all the character and complexity of their Spanish counterparts.

Who is the Suitor?

Alex's wife Lara Suitor grew up in Northern Tasmania. Similarly to Alex, Lara has a respect for fishing and living off the land after spending her formative years on a farm in the NW of Tasmania before moving to the Tamar Valley where many days were spent boating and fishing on the Tamar River. Lara Studied a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Tasmania before re-locating to Mildura to work at the Murray Darling Freshwater Research Centre. Lara worked as a scientist for a number of years while enjoying the spoils of Alex's winemaking, and trips to Europe with Alex to develop their brand. Lara is a wine lover and enthusiast and together with Alex on his wine journey they have built their own brand Russell and Suitor.

Alex Russell's First Winery - Renmark, South Australia

The following year, Alex set up his own winery in a leased shed in Renmark, South Australia, and expanded production to include alternative varietals such as Saperavi, Durif, Lagrein, Montepulciano, Vermentino and Tempranillo. From 2016, production included Monastrell, Graciano, Fiano, Bianco d’Alessano, Arneis, Prosecco, Nero d’Avola, Carmenere and Grenache Shiraz Rose.

"Alex’s obsession with quality and sustainability is unwavering."


Alex Russell under the Russell & Suitor Wine Banner

In 2016 Lara and Alex started a family and relocated to Lara’s hometown and family in Launceston and Alex set his sights on the cooler climate wine making region of Pipers River.

Under Russell & Suitor, Alex has been reinvigorated by the idyllic and pristine terroir of Tasmania, and the new wine making opportunities such a climate presents.

New wine labels Cazadora - the huntress depicts Lara and their vineyard “hunting grounds" in Pipers River. The Son of a Bull label representing their first-born son Logan. While the Baila con Toro label of premium vintage, method traditional Sparkling Wines, grown, made and bottled in Tasmania is their daughter Audrey's label who "dances with the bull".

Alex has grabbed the bull by the horns with that familiar confidence beloved by Alex Russell Wines loyalists, yet with the gentle hand required of cool-climate winemaking. Russell & Suitor have created premium Tasmanian wines from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Gewürztraminer to name a few. With new lands come new opportunities and under Russell & Suitor, Alex and Lara will continue the tireless pursuit to create the best value and highest quality Tasmanian wines possible.